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Anna Gaines, The Immigrant Who Hates Immigrants

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Anna Gaines stated the following on her website American Citizens United:

As I read the following story, I realized that ‘Evil continues to rule’ Let’s be very vigilant of its plots to destroy this nation founded by Godly principles. -Anna Gaines-

The woman has a hateful, spiteful twisted soul.

Here are some exact quotes:

Quote: “The U.S. is losing out from all the talents we have to offer,” said Guadalupe, the retail store supervisor.

But Anna Gaines, founder and chairwoman of American Citizens United, an Arizona group that supports tougher laws against illegal immigration, said there are no lost opportunities in situations such as Jose’s and Guadalupe’s.

“They had that coming to them when they decided to break the law by staying here, and now they are facing the consequences,” she said.

Quote: Anna Gaines, founder of American Citizens United and a naturalized U.S. citizen who grew up in Mexico, said the bill is good for Arizona.

“I know many people are calling it bigoted and racist,” she said. “But we are not anti-immigrant. We support immigrants that come in the front door and do things the right way.”

Gaines said the proposed legislation would ensure that individuals in the country illegally do not have freedoms they do not deserve. She said it will deter illegal immigrants from coming to Arizona and, as a result, help decrease crime.

“Right now, we have killers coming across the border as illegal immigrants,” she said.

Quote: “Many of these families were having one child after another just to earn a paycheck from the U.S. government and they didn’t care about their children’s education,” says Gaines, the controversial founder of American Citizens United, a grass-roots organization known for its extreme views on immigration enforcement. “They didn’t want to contribute, just take.”

“There used to be a level of dignity and self-respect. They were hard-working people who wanted to contribute to American society because it was better than where they came from,” says Gaines, a petite woman in her 70s. “But our government has been giving them handouts for so long that now they expect them.”

Quote: ANNA GAINES: You know this sounds terrible but these are the people that cannot make it in Mexico, cannot make it anywhere so they come here because the US is very generous as you know and they come here to demand services.

LISA MILLAR: Anna Gaines is the founder and president of American Citizens United.

The group, based in Phoenix and boasting around 300 members, is one of many that regard illegal immigration one of the biggest threats to the US.

ANNA GAINES: Many of them have already committed crimes in their own country and many of those are the ones coming in. We have had so much crime.

LISA MILLAR: Give me a sense of how passionately people feel about it down there in Arizona.

ANNA GAINES: Very passionate. I can tell you, I can honestly tell you 70… 68 to 70 per cent of Arizonians. And most of the country feel the same way, are very much for the law. We are tired of what’s been going on in this country, we have had it.

Quote: During a June 2007 fundraiser for U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo* (R-CO), Moreno discussed “going out with [Minuteman leader] Jim Gilchrist to the Naco [Arizona] border to defend this nation,” referencing her participation in the April 2005 Minuteman Project. Moreno’s fellow speakers at the fundraiser included Los Angeles Minuteman leader Tony Dolz and Jeff Schwilk, leader of the more extreme San Diego Minuteman faction.  YDSFM’s Arizona point of contact, Gaines, is also a member of the Minutemen, according to Minuteman leader Chris Simcox.

Quote: Anna Gaines entered the U.S. as a nurse during the Vietnam war — but only after she passed background, language and medical tests.(BS)

“It’s wrong for people to get amnesty. It’s wrong for anybody to get a free pass because they’re already here, because they already have children,” Gaines said.

Gaines returned to Mexico and waited six months before joining her future husband in Yuma. She favors deporting illegal immigrants.(Note:She married a U.S. Citizen to remain in the U.S. and she complains about others?)

“People say, ‘You’re a traitor. They’re your people.’ I say, ‘No, they’re not my people. My people are honorable people,’” Gaines said.

Quote: “We need to have borders, secure borders. We cannot give amnesty, because once you say amnesty, they keep coming more and more,” said Anna Gaines from ACU.

It goes on and on. She has told me to go back to Mexico. I’m a U.S. Citizen for God’s sake! She told me to take my children with me! They were born here! She hates Immigrants. I have watched her walk around striking people with her offensive signs and yelling filthy words at them.

It’s unbelievable that we have Immigrants that think like Anna Gaines.

The last time I filmed her she slapped at me and hit my camera and she lied to the police officer about having struck me.

She is a vendida, a traitor, a liar and a poor excuse for a human being.

This is her email address:

Carlos E. Galindo is a radio talk show host & political analyst conducting radio shows in both English and Spanish on five radio stations. Four radio stations in Arizona and one radio station in Fresno California. Mr. Galindo is a regular contributor to KPFK 98.7 FM Los Angeles and has appeared on CNN, Univision and Telemundo as a political analyst. Mr. Galindo is also a n Op-Ed columnist on Prensa Hispana Arizona.


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December 27, 2010 at 12:21 am